Andy, all I got was more test and comparison shots with what light was left when I took my bicycle ride this evening. I'm very envious of you actually getting a nice shot on your first go.

My experience is similar to you and Field. I backed off about 20 percent from my normal Tri-X time in replenished Xtol and that is getting close, but still a little long for contrasty light I was shooting. Printed fine with with lower contrast filter in the enlarger.

I'm also seeing shadow detail more linked to developement time than I'm used to. Certainly EI 25 is about the max with my reduced development; a little more exposure would have been nice on some. Not much latitude compared to the films I'm used to, buy probably about normal for this speed film.

I ran the last short piece of my bracket test roll in Acufine since I'd just freshened up my replenished bottle of it. It looked promising, but the time would have to be very short. It sure pulled the shadows up, but everything else too.

Grumpy Old Man, this may really be just the thing to perk up your Retina.