I usually do go during the week when , the masses have thinned out,but this was a special event. Yes David that was me lugging the beast around, I didn't notice as I have get very close to see if it's a film camera with all the other kind dashing about . God I love the photos that camera takes -- it is my favorite of the bunch (RB-ProS, M645 1000s ,and a ME Super). Thing is it always takes me about a half hour to come up with an answer to snide remarks like that, and it doesn't help then. You also have to remember the 10-percent rule "Out of any group of people 10 percent of those are a-holes" I just found one of those is all. While I was there I did see a m645 with a CDS meter, and an F-series, and a case that looked like it held a rolliflex type camera . I had gone to the gardens about three weeks before and the trees were blooming,mostly the white variety, but I think the pinks had peaked. Must be the crazy weather.
Thanks for the compliment Nick---I don't know about being serious, but sure takes something to want to carry a 20+ pound bag(with tripod) on subways around New York to take maybe 10-15 photos--I try to make each shot count. The RB pics came out ok, with maybe 4 a tad overexposed, as i was shooting into the sun. Cant wait for the stereos, I will run those today.

If I did start a pet photo business it would cater to two groups the first being young people with disposable income,photographing the dog as a surrogate child (and if they have a child or two I would try for a double sale). and the second being a group with their dogs getting along in years, so they could have something to cherish when the dog passes away