There are numerous factors that contribute to the price point of our film. As an example, Polaroid was a huge corporation that has been in business for a decade or so before getting into film production, so they had more capital to work with. Impossible started from nothing with the high costs of producing and sourcing materials, distributing, etc. Polaroid had numerous factories, we have one. We only have 80 or so employees worldwide. Also, it's not a perfect product yet. The hopes are that eventually, we can sell more film and make more film, and costs will come down. We might still be a couple of years away from that, though. As for 4x5 film, Polaroid's Mexico factory was responsible for all peel-apart pack film. That factory was closed and the machinery was destroyed before Impossible had a chance or the financial ability to save it. Also, the machines are huge and very specifically calibrated, shipping them alone would have cost millions of dollars. We at Impossible are equally bummed about the fate of pack film.