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My father used to use Koni Omega rangefinders for weddings. His employer was a Leica user and bought the Koni as a medium format version of the Leica.

The lenses aren't as fast as you want though: http://camerapedia.wikia.com/wiki/Koni-Omega

I used this camera when I was younger for a studio doing weddings. very easy to use. But I did a wedding a couple of years ago with my Hassey and 5 backs. that was a hassle and when I got done shooting, finding a place to develop and make proofs was almost impossible. Everyone is set up now for 35 digital and having you do your wedding books and prints on line and dropping the images onto the page. Just no personal handling anymore. Like the old way but the times have changed.
PS>> most times your going to use artificial light of some sort during the wedding so film speed should not be that much of a problem.