My name is Katherine Gillis. I have been a traditional retoucher/spotter for many years. Whether photographers need their prints or negatives retouched I have the experience to work on color or black and white. I am a graduate of the Veronica Cass School of Retouching in 1991. I have worked for Alan Ross for years spotting the special edition Ansel Adams prints. I have been featured on the North Carolina public television station, WUNC-TV, North Carolina NOW. See the archive of me talking about spotting. Click on the following link to see my segment on the program:
Typically photographers want me to do this because I'm very good at it and they don't want to spend the time spotting a print when they could be shooting.
Call me at 704-607-1039. You can email me at My shipping address is: 365 Carroll Cove Road, Lake Wylie, South Carolina 29710.