I suspect that many here enjoy printing, but don't enjoy the arduous, and sometimes unrewarding, task of spotting the final print. All of us have uttered a loud expletive when we have ruined a print due to a spotting error. So, it is with some relief that I report that Katherine Gillis is back in business spotting prints and negatives! I learned of Katherine from Allan Ross who worked with Ansel Adams. Alan has printed editions of Mr. Adams' photographs after Ansel's death. Of course, Allan is a well known photographer in his own right. Katherine has had extensive experience spotting the prints that Allan has made, and she told me that she has retouched prints ( and if need be, negatives ) from photographers who work all over the world. I believe that she has a supply of special inks and brushes that are used by the small number of well regarded retouching experts who worked in the halcyon days of analog photography, and who continue to work today. Katherine lives in South Carolina, and has done work for me as I ready a portfolio of prints for a gallery exhibit. I have no business relationship with Katherine. I post the information as a help to other analog photographers who would rather be taking photos then spotting their prints! Katherine can be reached at: 704-607-1039