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I just received a PM introduction and request from “Mykola Shynkaryk from Columbus, OH. I would like to join NE OH Gathering on May 12. I am new to LF and to Ohio too.”

Mykola welcome to our party. Thank you for sending all the information requested. I returned directions on how to get here from Columbus. Please tell the group about yourself, what brought you to Ohio and your photographic interests. At our event you will meet film shooters from several states, shooting many formats from 16mm to 7x17 and many steps in between.

If anyone else is reading this, wondering if they will be welcome, please send me a PM and introduce yourself. You will be welcome.

Thank you again for the invitation. I am newbie in LF photography. So far just shoot and developed several sheets of 4x5 film. So I am looking forward to meeting you folks to take a look on your prints and talk about LF.