Mat Marrash offered to do a carbon printing demo this event. Trying to figure out a schedule, I asked him for details. He wrote:
“Friday night (~1hr) I'll be giving a quick overview of how to make carbon tissues,
with finished examples of both "glop" and pre-poured tissues (to save two days time). On Saturday (~2hrs), I plan on going over sensitization, exposure, and developing the finished single transfer print. The only preparations that I need to make will be access to your UV exposure unit, 1 tray of 50 degree "dead water" (distilled or normal that has been left out a few days), 2 other 11x14 trays, access to water over 120 degrees, and a drying rack or two. Earlier in the year, I'd mentioned the possibility of needing to come a day early to make a test strip with your UV unit, but if I plan ahead, I should be able to do a "test strip" transfer print Friday night while giving the overview.

Hope this helps outline things a little better. Look forward to seeing you next weekend!


Thanks Mat.
Some obvious questions are, will everyone be here Friday who wants to see the first part of the Carbon printing demo? With possibly 22 people at the event, how many want to see the demo? Is there enough space in our basement for that number to see? Do we need to think about shifts? Talk to us please so we can plan, rather than disappoint.