Hi all,
I'd like to ask a big favor from the owners of any of the Zero Image wooden pinhole cameras: I need some fairly detailed photos of the cameras.
Namely, I'm getting ready to make my first DIY pinhole camera made of wood (I have a rather nice selection of suitable wood "planks"), and the Zero Image design seems rather nice. But, I need measurements (approximate), and detailed (close-up) photos. Perhaps a ruler could be included in some of the photos?
I've searched Google and elsewhere, but most of the photos are of the camera closed and ready to shoot...
I've seen some other DIY wooden pinhole designs, and I'm trying to decide on the best design for my medium format prototype: I already have most of the hardware ready for about 10 cameras - namely, I bought about 10 bull's eye levels and had made about 10 pcs of tripod bushings. I also have some rather nice brass knobs for film rewind "mechanism".
Anyway, I'd be grateful if anyone could send me some fairly detailed photos, if that's not a problem - even a better cellphone photo would be OK.
I have some ideas of solving film winding mechanism, since I have several other cheap/toy MF cameras: e.g. my Certo Phot camera has a knob design that seems worth copying. I'll try to make the winding knob with a spring, so that it gets pulled up to release the film takeup spool. On the other side of the body, the original spool will probably also have some friction added to prevent unspooling.
I'm also thinking about adding some kind of simple mechanism that would prevent the takeup spool from unwinding - something like a simple gear with teeth and a simple spring that would prevent it from turning back, if you know what I mean...

Anyway, any detailed photos of any of the Zero Image (or other better made wooden cameras), showing the "internals" would be more than welcome - and I promise to post the photos of the resulting prototype pinhol camera once it's done (or IF it's ever done -I've beem mulling over this for more than a year now...)

You can contact me by PM or write directly to:

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