I'm up for the usual 30 image packets. Some are even drying on the line in the darkroom as I type.

Hats of to George for taking this on. I seem to recall there is a postie background in him somewhere, or was it he was a telephone guy? Pending senior memory loss moments occur all of the time now. This middle ager can see his future...

RST - well, whats not to say. A big thanks for all of his work for so long. And all the best with his reported heavy work load and health challenges.

Also, remember Randy. He was the coordinator when I first started this self made postcard addiction, around R10. His life got busy, and the baton was passed. Now George has picked it up. May it travell smoothly whilst in you hands. (whilst- must be some of the Australianisms are still with me from working there for four years. A native born Haser would never talk that way!)