Cleaning out the basement, I have discovered in my father's old stash of things two Kodak Instamatic (126) cameras. An X-15F and an X-35F. As far as I can tell they are in working order and in pristine condition. The X-35F is in a hard case. Although I thought they were long gone, I remember these cameras very well. He took very good care of them and used them up until the time I talked him into an SLR about 1987. I have no film to check them nor am I going to hunt any down. I will offer them up for sale on APUG classifieds if people are interested. So, are people interested and what do you folks feel is a fair asking price?

Is film even available for them or are they strictly collectors items? Please don't PM right now. If there is interest, I'd prefer to list them on the classifieds and let everyone interested have a fair shot.

-- Jason