Hi, if there are any gw690 users here, I recently purchased one used (gw690ii), but I was worried about something I noticed on the inner and outer leaf shutter blades. There is one blade bent at the tip outward toward the lens element both at the front and the rear. Is this normal?

The seller said his friends looks just the same way, and the explanation is very logical (designed to prevent binding of the larger blades and guide movement).

I have no personal experience owning or working with large shutters and all my smaller cameras don't have leaves as such.

Any owners of the fuji gw690 or gsw690 please take a look, it would make me feel relived as I spent a fair amount of money on one (part time teacher, and freelance work has been slow). But overall i like this comically sized camera, and would like to put a roll through after this whole bent shutter business is figured out.

Thanks in advance.