Found a Lomographic Society Supersampler AS3.0 in a thrift shop for $3. Had a film in it. I am a sucker for found films, so I bought it.

The camera takes four wide view exposures per 35mm frame, though four separate 20mm lenses. The shutters to them trip sequentially either at a user selectable 1/20th of a second apart, or 1/2 a second apart. I usally turn the camera while depressing the shutter, and save the fast speed for when shooting from a moving vehicle.

Regretably, the original owner fed the thing plus x, and used it mostly inside. Only two good frames on the whole roll.

It has no shutter speed or aperture adjustment , so have fed it it iso 400 HP5 and only shoot on bright sunny days until I get a better foo on what the limitations of the crude exposure system are.
Lomo even suggest 800iso stuff unless it is a sunny day.

It is kind of fun to trip the shutter and toss the camera in the air.
I sort of think that this thing started life as a golf or baseball swing analyser camera before Lomo got thier hands on it to brand it.