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I did shoot a roll of Velvia last fall and it was pretty disastrous. I had thought the lens just didn't handle color properly. From this test it's pretty obvious it was the photographer's fault.
I've loved most Velvia shots that most people have shared on flickr. However, I wonder if for each of those there are 35 other shots that got binned. Velvia is, as every posting everywhere has warned, absolutely intolerant of misexposure (underexposure especially). I have tried only a handful of rolls (in meterless cameras, which isn't helping) and never got it right. Probably I should either give up, or go burn through a furlong of Velvia to learn it. It doesn't seem conducive to the middle ground of occasional dabbling. I am keen because one oft-stated benefit of Velvia is that its outrageous oversaturation compensates for the undersaturated color rendering of these old uncoated lenses, to end you back at pleasant color. (I have a similar ZI folder that would benefit.)