Hmm, I never noticed the bent leaf on my GW690.

Regarding that shutter counter / service interval, I think it's done more harm than good to the reputation of these cameras. There is nothing inherent in this shutter that demands service at an increased rate over any other leaf shutter. The biggest enemy of leaf shutters is lack of use, so exercising the GW690 regularly is the best thing you could do for it.

I think of that shutter counter in the context of how these cameras were originally intended to be used -- as high volume, group portrait cameras at tourist sites. I imagine that taxi cabs have rigorous services intervals too, because of heavy use. But strict service intervals will let those cars hit 500,000 kilometres. Ditto for the big Fuji's, I think they are built for use and abuse, in a professional setting. When used by an amateur with a very occasional CLA, they should last forever.