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On a few occasions now when I've been talking to friends about cameras and hand them my whatever-it-happens-to-be-film-camera-of-the-week, more often than not the first thing they do when they get it into their hands is wind on the shutter, or try to open the back. I've always been able to stop them with a "don't, there's film in it", but it strikes me as an odd thing to do when handed a camera that isn't yours. These are usually folks in their 30's and 40's who have, or have had, experience with film cameras. Has anyone else noticed this? Is this a change in mentality stemming from digital cameras where unwanted accidental pictures can just be erased?
Yes, I have had that happen a couple times. I don't understand it. Simple civility should dictate that you don't fiddle with something that doesn't belong to you.

Edit - As for guns, there are only a few who know I own them, and if I hand someone a gun it is with the action open - because I just checked that it is not loaded.