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are you a designer or a copy cat?
Ralph, I thought I answered potential questions like yours in my post above: I am none of those - or perhaps you could call me a "copycat" if you want - but at least I'm not doing this for commercial purposes.
Like I said, I have been planning to make a DIY wooden pinhole camera for some time, and some guys from my local camera club also expressed interest. So, I guess I'll be making several - for the members of the local photo club, most likely for the price of a beer (or a bottle of wine, more likely).

I am a photography DIY-er, and with the recession these last couple of years, my photographic purchases have dwindled significantly. I'd like to buy a Zero Image, but simply can't justify the cost. So, I'll be making my own, given that I have some simple tools and have done some simple wooden boxes and stuff before.
But, being the procrastinating type that I am, I have first been seriously studying various wooden pinhole camera designs
And I'd like to see the insides of a Zero Image, too, since it's by all accounts a very well made (not to mention beautiful) camera.
Some (photography) stuff I've made (played with):


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