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Maniac - this Ikonta has made me look longingly at the Super Ikontas, especially the 534 that was at the end of the line. Somebody has posted some really nice stuff on here using it. Flickr, too.
My girlfriend handed me a box of old camera gear and I found his dad's old Super Ikonta. I didn't even know how to open the folder. I told Frances that it's a "Rubik's camera" because it was a puzzle to open. When I did, it opened up like a beautiful blooming flower. I found the focusing mechanism was stiff, and didn't know how accurate the shutter is. I sent it in to Essex photo repair for a CLA. I shot with it a couple of weeks ago and made some enlargements. A gorgeous camera. I didn't know it was Zeiss's last Ikonta. From what Frances told me, his dad in the 80's fell into using easier 35mm cameras. I don't think the Japanese 35mm camera lenses aren't as sharp. I've shot with Canon FD lenses for over 30 years and there's no comparison.