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As my photography life continues on, I seem to be interested more and more in purely subject matter. This has proven a bit difficult for me to live by, because I'm not 100% confident in how to handle it. How do I follow my heart?
By getting a photographic moose. What you do is that (with appropriate surgery) you hook your heart onto the moose, and then of course you will follow your heart because it's being carried by a 1200 pound animal. You will really follow that photographic moose, believe you me. Yah, sure, it's just one of those certain things. Me, I just use packs on the photographic moose and let it carry my equipment. Then of course I follow it because it's got all my gear on its back. And then it's wandering through all those briar bushes and into some stupid swamp with the mosquitoes and all that. Stupid moose. It never hangs around super models. What's with that?

Anyways, the reason I started photographing was because of moonlight. Cameras weren't big in my family, that's just the way it was. So when I saw how the moonlight lit things, I was entranced by it. I wanted to photograph what I saw and felt. I have seen things that I would never have seen otherwise if I hadn't pursued photography.

I'm still failing at photographing by moonlight. I don't mind. I'll keep trying until I get it right, and then I'll do it with mastery.

I know that I have to photograph. I have to pick up a camera and make photographs. One time a while back when I was confined to the floor due to back pain, I spent hours setting up my camera to photograph ... a door knob. I had to do it. It had to be done. So I did it. I have to use film. Film gives me what I want.

Tom, from what you've written, it seems that photography for you has not been about the subject matter. Now you are starting to really see through to what photography is. It's time to truly start enjoying it.