Im going to be starting a photography workshop in a few weeks that will run over the course of the summer with a small group of teenagers who are from distressed backgrounds or "disadvantaged" (a word i hate to use!)
i did a photography course about 3 years ago, and i am aware of all the aspects of photography. i think i am pretty good at it, i wouldnt say im professional, but i do know a fair bit with regards to digital photography, and personally, i much prefer film photography. i love photography as a hobby mainly.
unfortunately, our budget isnt going to be very high, so we are going to be using disposable cameras. i believe that any camera can take a brilliant picture, and that just because someone might have the best of the best equipment, doesn't mean they are a good photographer. but obviously, its just point and shoot on a disposable camera, and messing around with shutter speeds and apertures etc are completely out for us!

this is a project i want to do with these kids to get them to express themselves. i mainly want them to just enjoy it and keep interest in it. im very nervous about it too. and it will be a great learning experience for me too. i have never taught something in a official kind of way. i want this to be a fun, relaxing (almost theraputic) and exciting experience for these kids. i want it to be more about them coming out of themselves rather than taking a perfect picture.

has anyone any tips on teaching this course??
does anyone have any tips on how to get the most out of a disposable camera??

i bought some today and have been messing around with one around my house but wont know until they are developed what i'll be working with. i also plan on letting them edit their pictures with a free software (picassa maybe) on the community centers computers (after i scan in all of their pics!) and we are going to have a little exhibition for them at the end of the summer, just with parents and friends, something small.
im really excited, but before i start it,i want to be prepared and any ideas, tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated!

just a note to everyone, i was really inspired to do this after seeing a very interesting documentary a few months back. a photographer travelled to calcutta to document the red light district there. she started teaching the kids, who were children of prostitutes, photography to give them some kind of outlet. and it was well and truly worth the watch. its called Born into Brothels, and if you haven't seen it, it is definitely worthwhile!