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Posting it to Simplicus tomorrow............nearly at Mount Doom now!
The excitement is mounting... Thanks for the update Jake!

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How did it taste? Did you put BBQ sauce on it?

I would send the camera to Sile and if Sim is around, he can make the effort to collect the camera and shoot his photo. I mean... Ireland isn't that big is it?

tim in san jose
I tried it with some flava beans and a nice chianti... it actually worked quite well

You're absolutely right Tim.. Ireland is a teeny tiny place.. sure we all know each other! In fact.. Simplicius is only about 40 minutes away or a days mail.. The end is nigh.....

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Hi all

Sile the intrepid investigator tracked me down, address sent to Black Dog .......

Damn I'm good.. But I need a deerstalker.. anyone??

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I liked the theme idea (Camera #6). We should revisit that. A single word gives the ability to interpret and create an image with so many different possible results.
I too like the theme idea too.. I loved the interpretations of the Cornerstone last time!