I'm just not sure that paint is going to hold up. I'm going to head to the art store in the morning and find the finest paint brush with a fine tip, and buy a couple.
I am going to try the JB Weld. I will hold wax paper to the other side and ever so gently brush in to fill the holes. Then just let it cure. We are talking just such a tiny amount, not spreadable gobs. I think in one application, maybe 2, the second being lighter, will fill the corrosion hole. It will be interesting. If that fails, then I will take the shutter apart. I will first soak the entire shutter in the white Gas and thoroughly clean it, which should prep the hole by removing any impurities. I will post the photos of the after effects. I would have done it today, but there was a World of stuff to do not related to my hobby.