hi ursula -

welcome to apug!

you can reload disposable cameras if you take them apart ( just remove the cardboard )
if you want to load it with your own film after you use the supplied roll. labs remove the
cardboard, remove the film and send them back to the company. i have a friend who hiked
the appalachian trail ... he used his own self rolled black and white and reloaded ... it worked great !

before you buy the "wedding pack" of disposable cameras, i would buy a few and try them out,
so YOU know the limitations of the equipment. some do well close up, some far away, and some in the mid-range.
i agree 100% with old n'feable .. work on aesthetics, not subjects ...

have fun !

(google wedding disposable camera and you will probably find a few people selling them ... built in flash is OK but usually over powers the
film if the subject isn't 10-12 feet away )