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Jim LeMay has been kind enough to arrange a visit for all that want to go to Fort Michilmackinac for some shooting of the living museum and people that play their part there. Entrance fee would be waived, but they have commercial restrictions and also request that any images made there be available for their use in return. I know this may be an issue for folks and I don't want it to become a big deal right now, I just want to put it out there to see what interest there is. If enough folks want to go, we'll set-up a time and organize a detail to get people up there
I'm game for this and perfectly cool with the fort using my images. Being in the reenactment hobby myself and with it being the BiCentenial year and Fort Michilmackinac being the site of one of the first engagements in the War of 1812...I was hoping to get out to it while I'm in the area!