To me, anyway, it's not worth slitting and loading film for the Minox. I find good prices on the real stuff at Optics Planet The Frugal Photographer
If you use color, Minox will process it. I use B&W and process it myself. I use a stainless reel made for 9.5mm film and use Ilford Microphen (now that I'm out of Microdol-X. I'm going to try some Legecy Pro Mik-X which is supposed to be the same as Microdol-X from Freestyle

Remember the film is small so dirt and other defects really show up. Everything has to be CLEAN! I do have a Minox enlarger from my Dad, but before that I just used my Durst 606 and it was fine.

By the way, the shutters are very durable. My Dad used his B for about 50 years and i'm using it now and it works fine - shutter, meter, everything. You never know how a used one was treated.

Have fun!