WOW! thanks everyone ! lots of great tips! thanks a million to everyone!!! im at the other side of the pond in ireland.

@hikari - our budget is very low, so a cheap digital camera here is about 35euro, even ebay. i would need about 8 - 10 of them too, so that option is out unfortunately. i also dont think the kids would take it as seriously and also it cuts out joke shot and stuff like that. if they can only take a certain amount of shots, theyll be a bit more cautious, and want to do the shot right - well, im hoping to teach them that anyway, plus, going from my own experience, developing a film of pics i took is much more rewarding than looking at the back of a screen.
i am a bit concerned about the cost of developing tho. i actually have a film scanner, so if its possible just to get the negatives from disposable cameras (which is only about 3 - 4 euro here) i have no problem scanning the pictures in myself. i lost my job about 4 months ago, so i have plenty of time to do it and it will keep me busy!

you have all mentioned things i haven't thought of. we do have a photolab in our town, so ill look into the cost of that. i do know materials are quite expensive tho!

@ Newt - and the pinhole camera is a great idea!! the problem is is that i have never worked with a pinhole camera, and i dont know enough about it to be confident with it to teach others. the course is starting in about 3 weeks or so, so i dont think theres time for me to get to know how to use it properly. for now, since this is my first teaching experience, i want to stick with what i know :-) i do have tons of photography books too, and have been looking through them for the past few days and bookmarking photos i personally like, so i can show them my own preferance, they can look through them and pick their own favourites. i want to express how broad photography is, that its not all "top model" stuff, and that it can be anything. hopefully to build up their own confidence and individuality, but i will check out the library too!! for sure! also, maybe ireland is behind the times, lol, but i actually have come across a lot of cameras with 36 exposures, but if i could find cheaper ones with a less amount of exposures, maybe i could give them a camera every fortnight or so, and use them for different themes! again, depending on cost!!!

@markberandy - thanks to you too! the link you posted doesnt load up for me, but you're right, it is all about the composition, lighting etc. we'll be having our classes during the day, so im hoping the weather is good this year. (last year, here in ireland, we only got about 2-3 weeks of sunshine during the summer, the rest was rain and clouds!!!)

And i NEVER knew you could reload a disposable camera, and a valuable thing to know as i would love to use black and white film with them too!!! i was relying on software to do black and white, but the real thing is much better. going to experiment with the cameras i bought!

@tkamiya - with regards to the exhibition work being online - i never even thought of that either. what a great idea. ill have to talk to the project leaders, but if there was a link on their website that could bring you to the gallery or something. i know someone who can do websites too so VERY interesting idea
just a bit of extra info, the organisation im working with is one that helps and supports family members of prisoners or affected by imprisonment.
even though the exhibition probably wont be until the end of august, i will definitely let everyone know about!