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Do you mind if I quote you on The Light Farm?!
That would be fun !


The silver nitrate indeed is a cost, but doesn't every hobby cost something? People can use many thousands to just cameras and lenses...

Well, I'm always poor so I made my own silver nitrate. It's very/too easy, but I would not recommend that to anyone because of the very real dangers, if you don't know perfectly what you are doing . (To avoid misunderstandings, I have to add that if you get your silver nitrate, like most emulsion makers do, there is nothing dangerous in emulsion making (just use decent ventilation when using recipes containing ammonia).)

Actually, what drove me to emulsion making was the fact that I simply found most of the ingredients from my Dad's place. Being a goldsmith, he gave me some silver granules, 60% nitric acid and ammonium hydroxide.

I really agree with PE on creating reliable and repeatable processes. Not only because of wasting money, but wasting time too. It can be quite discouraging when the emulsion does not work.

I have found that 100 ml of emulsion is quite a good batch size to practice with. It allows you to test it even with some loss in coating, and get a good starting point for the next emulsion without leftover emulsion. You need about 8 grams of silver nitrate for this. We did 150 ml batches first and there was always quite a bit of leftover. Well, the volume went up in washing, too.