I am unsure if you are talking about the negative development stage or printing off a negative. Both give similar problems and cause similar angst.
Film shouldn't be taken to a stock high street lab with automatic machinery; the processor will correct and "optimise" exposure, resulting in your intentions being literally washed away. These consumer-level labs operate on an economy of scale relying on quantity and speed; adjustments only hold the process up.

A custom, pro-level lab given instructions (or a proof) will monitor exposure but for the best results shoot on transparency film; this cannot be "meddled" with at the processing stage, but the onus is on you from the moment the film goes into the camera, to nail the exposure. You wouldn't have the same grace of latitude as negative film.

Colourimetrics etc., are the preserve of hybridised d***** workflow that is all we have now, or will be moving to (not part of APUG discussion) where things like exposure are taken care of by you, or the lab if they have the time and skills, and you, if you have the money to pay them!