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A 1.2mm hole means you're going to have a resolution no better than 20x30. It's going to be a spectacularly blurry mush.
"Spectacular" is the right word...

I shot at 3 different FOV's and compared a detail resized to roughly match in size in all the three pictures (see attached image below). Actually, the one that has the best resolution, with the same exposure (I did not correct the tones in the digital image), is the longest tube (the top frame).

This is a digital shot of course, shot at 1600. Strangely enough, with a Delta 3200 exposed for the same time and developed at 3200 I keep getting blank frames, even taking the film reciprocity failure into account.


EDIT - sorry, the last line shouldread 150mm - it's a quick and dirty shot (and of course way underexposed)