If you go to a drugstore/retail chain lab (like a Rite Aid I work at), after scanning the film, our computers apply "auto" adjustments to them, typically making all sunset shots with a gray cast over the photo. The stupid computer thinks it's underexposed and jacks up the brightness. Since I'm a photographer, I go through all my customers photos and correct the images to look like how they should. If you were to go to just about any other similar photo processing location, chances are the employee doesn't know/doesn't care and just leaves the image to be printed with the automated adjustments.

Just about any professional lab I've been to, the prints come out just as I exposed. Probably because they know what they're doing.

It all depends on where you bring it to, and who is doing it. No matter where you go, you're always welcome to ask questions about their workflow before you hand the film over to help you decide. My general rule of thumb is, if all they know is they put the film cartridge in a box which eventually spits it out the negative, then they run it through the computer which prints out the photos.... just walk away.