I am fully aware this is "it's all what you like" and "it depends".... but I would still like to solicit opinions.

I usually use a mat color called "Pearl white" from Frame Destinations (one of APUG sponsors). This color is more of a creamy off white which looks white by itself more or less, but against true white, it's definitely cream. I like using this one because with normal B&W image without toning or with light selenium toning, it brings out the white in the image and also the black. Visually, it adds "pop" to the image.

HOWEVER, I have an image that majority of the part is toned in deep brown with some near the center toned in selenium. I covered parts with rubber cement and toned in brown so it's not really a split toning or double toning but it's more of one part brown and another part selenium. With this image, this mat color didn't work so well. The mat looks a lot darker in cream than usual, and it doesn't help bring out the brown in the image. It sort of blends into the image rather than enhancing it.

Under these conditions, would you (personally) think pure white or white would work better? I typically don't like to use pure white because when combined with un-toned or selenium toned image, it's too stalk (sp) and I like warmer presentation. But I think it backfired on me this time.

By the way, the molding is metal matte black.

Again, I'm just interested in YOUR opinion either theoretically or from experience. I'm in uncharted territory for me. I could use help here. Thanks.