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just a note to everyone, i was really inspired to do this after seeing a very interesting documentary a few months back. a photographer travelled to calcutta to document the red light district there. she started teaching the kids, who were children of prostitutes, photography to give them some kind of outlet. and it was well and truly worth the watch. its called Born into Brothels, and if you haven't seen it, it is definitely worthwhile!
As I first started reading your post, I was totally thinking Born into Brothels!! I'm happy you have seen it as it's a great inspiration and those children were able to prove their creativity despite the limitations they had. I first saw this doc when it premiered in the US. I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

I think disposables are the way to go for an introduction, as it forces them to focus on composition and the subject manner. Many people forget that the subject is the most important part of an image and how it is presented within the photo. And by using film, it will teach great patience and focus to create that image!

As far as purchasing disposables... I highly recommend staying away from cameras that aren't name brand (Fuji, Kodak...) or those who don't already have a solid reputation or guarantee attached to it. At work, I've developed many of the "wedding pack" cameras jnanian mentioned earlier and also many no-name branded cameras that actually had NO film negative inside the cartridge loaded into the camera or even film pieces that were poorly spliced together, often ruining many images. I assume this "company" acquired short ends of some sort and just slapped them together for their cameras. Just some precautions to be aware of.