I have been thinking for the last two years about going film cameras. I Do landscape mainly, and I have been using DSLR cameras ( Canon). I have always wanted to do panoramic photography with a camera like Linhof or fuji, and I have been saving the money in the last two years and I will be able to get a camera within one year.
I have always asked myself, Is it really worth what I am doing? I answered yes, since this is the thing I wanna do and I want to turn it in business.
Anyway, since I have this plan in my mind, I want to familiarize myself with film photography. But I have zero knowledge about this area. So
1-is there any source where I can learn more about film photography ?
2- What is the range of shutter speed on those panoramic cameras like linhof technorama 617s iii?, and does it depend on the body or the lens?.
3- How can I control the shutter speed, and aperture? Is the controlling done through the lens itself?
4- When I develop a color film, can I scan the negative to my computer and get the picture and print it?,
5-what is a type of good scanner and how much does it cost?
6- I know when I buy a body like linhof or fuji I need basically a lens, center filter, and a case. What else?
7- Whats a light meter, How can I use it, and Is it essential in this type of photography?.

Thank You