I use color negative film. I see no reason to use transparency film if the result I want is the print and not something to project. Back in the old days where there are many 1hr labs nearby what I would do is to let the lab do what they want. Then I pick out the important shots (because many shots are simply bad no matter how they are printed) and bring them back to the lab and have them reprint as per my instructions (make it darker, bluer etc..) until they get what I want. I have found that after using the lab for a while the people there know my preferences and will be able to make prints close to what I want.
Nowaday, it's more difficult so I only have the negative developed, no prints, no CD. After I got the negatives I scan them all to see what I have. I will then pick out the good shots and go to my darkroom and make my own prints.