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[Update]He had a couple of Canonets, which I really liked the feel of. Really liked, in fact.
I have a couple of these oldish rangefinders (Yashica, Canon, Olympus) and always liked the feel of the Canonet 28 most. It feels solid, and the shutter release seems more reassuring than that of the Yashicas.

It's difficult to predict how a certain camera will work out until you've held/used them. The lowly Canonet 28 pleasantly surprised me with its feel and handling. It's also not a big camera (big as in Yashica GSN). And I like the eveready case, but that's just me, most people seem to hate these things.

My dad took most of my youth pictures with the Canonet 28, so maybe I'm biased. Here is one from 1986, scratched and all. It's a fine camera.