Hello from Canada's Left coast, Nige. And a welcome back to the analog side of things!

Like you, I, too, have shot, and continue to shoot, in both analog and digital. My preference, though, remains far and away with analog.

Color-wise, I was a life-long Kodachrome shooter until EK pulled the rug; more recently, I have been shooting Ektachrome E100G and E100VS in both 35mm and 120 formats. Once again, however, EK has discontinued my films. Fortunately, in light of EK's recent travails, I stocked up, filling my deep-freeze with several hundred rolls of these two emulsions in both my chosen formats. Once my stash is exhausted...well...

Over the last several years, I have found myself shooting (and printing) an ever-increasing amount of black and white work (Kodak Tri-X/Ilford HP5 for 35mm and Ilford's (amazing) PanF Plus and FP4 Plus for 120). Few things match the satisfaction of a well-done black and white print. Like your youngsters, I learned to print by watching and assisting my father in his bathroom-darkroom. Although he (and later I) also shot a great deal of colo(u)r transparency work, he adamantly refused to let any lab develop or print his black and white! I shoot black and white constantly, letting the film accumulate until I feel I have enough for a couple of lengthy darkroom sessions (developing the film is, by any reasonable admission, not that exciting). That said, I love the printing end of things. During our rainy season (January and February can be bleak) I will often spend an entire weekend playing catch-up on my darkroom work. I currently have my darkroom set up in the bathroom of my guest bedroom, using the bathtub to wash the prints (a little savage to some, but it does get the job done).