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Thanks for all your answers! As for the questionable filter factor, i just took the numbers off B+W's website... https://www.schneideroptics.com/ecom...D=606&IID=5631

So to clear it up once and for all, will my camera meter correctly through the filter in the link above without having to go out and by a hand held meter (seikonic etc)?

Regards from Germany

If it is a TTL meter, yes.
But if you are unsure, run a roll of film through the camera with the polariser in place, at midline and maximum effect. Then you will be in no doubt as to what works and does not. Be aware that a polariser set to maximum effect on overcast days e.g. in forests, can make the scene very drab, dark and generally underexposed, which is where you have to be on guard and leverage the exposure with exposure compensation. It all returns to the suggestion of running a roll of film through the camera and actively experimenting. That is the only way you will be sure.