Ok I shot two short rolls of the Cinerex yesterday on a field trip with my son's 4th grade class to Angel Island in San Francisco bay.

As mentioned I shot it in my Contax G2 and used primarily the 45 Planar but also the 28 Biogon and 90 Sonnar. It was a bright, clear sunny day and I set the camera for 40 ASA but adjusted +2/3 to +1 to "over-expose" for anything close to being backlit.

Developed it just now in HC-110 dilution B at 20C for 5 min with 2x agitation every 30 seconds. It's hanging to dry right now but let me say this: contrast!!!! Crisp and sharp, sharp, sharp (with those lenses of course) but my god the negs look like they were etched in granite. Will scan some tonight. Fingers crossed on highlights being preserved.

Right now am thinking 50 ASA next time and perhaps HC-110 but dilution H and 6.5 min just to see how the contrast is tamed with more dilute developer and some pull back in time. Will see if this opinion stays after the scans later...