I have, but I don't feel like I experimented with it enough to fairly comment on it. But I did notice the colors are truer to the actual watercolor pigments than gum prints, probably from the dichromate stain and unbleached gum I was using. I experimented with the direct gelatin variation. I made a glop more concentrated than I need (6-12% gel) and then I melt it, and dilute/mix (a portion at a time) with a AFC solution and coat it before it sets. Then expose it, and presoak it in a H2O2 solution before developing it with hot water, agitating like you would a carbon transfer print. I took a break from it because of the semester, but I'm going to start again later this week, after final exams. My impression is that the process would be nice for making 3 color prints (I'm hoping anyway).