I have three easels that I don't need anymore since I finally got a 4-blade and thought I'd try a trade: 2 rolls of 135 b&w film for each easel. I would also trade at least one of the easels for a decent (preferably thin) neck strap with the lug rings. At least 48" long. Brand not important.

First, and probably my favorite of the three is an 11x14 Speed Ezel. It's used and shows it, but it's perfectly flat, no bends nor rust.

Second: an hardly, if-ever used Bogen 2-blade 8x10 easel. Arms are like new

And last, a used Premier 4-in-1 easel that will do 8x10 on one side, or 5x7, 4x6 and 2x3 on the other side. Used but in perfect working order. This is the kind that is held down by magnets.

Please pm.


Forgive the convenient iPhone photo. I can post better ones if necessary.

photo (7).JPG