I'm really hoping someone can help me with this, I've searched for hours all over the internet and could not find a solution.
A few months ago, I got a seal 210 press so I could mount my photos. I got it off craigslist from an older lady who used it for making T-Shirts or something. When I got it, I plugged it in to test it and almost burned my house down. Even though the press was set to the lowest temperature, it kept heating non-stop. I noticed a strange smell, it was the rubber pad being completely melted by the press. I thought maybe the thermostat was bad so I actually was able to find a replacement for it (I also cleaned the melted pad off the platen and got a new pad heheh). The problem is... I installed the new thermostat and it STILL overheats

I have uploaded images of the problem along with descriptions of the photos here:

Can anyone offer any insight on this? How is the thermostat supposed to work?