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Welcome to APUG, Casey.

That's about the most honest introduction I can remember. Well done.

Can you tell us what you've been doing with your camera recently? And which film camera you might hope to purchase?

That "not knowing" part is one of the most exquisite pleasures of film photography. We all enjoy that. It's also an excellent taskmaster because it will force you to really learn how to use a camera since there is no instant feedback.

Enjoy your stay...

Hey, recently i went to the zoo for practice, this week coming i hope to stay at my sisters so i can practice portraits (she photographs well which comes in handy for me) then soon after i will stay at my nans so i can practice some more.
as for what camera...i'm pretty sure it's called a film SLR, i haven't picked which one though a shop somewhat near me has a Nikon FE-2 and a F3-P at a price i can afford so i might researched them for a while....i'm a little confused if i get a film SLR, what lenses i can use with it. plus all these numbers and letters get a little overwhelming since i was only just getting used too it with digital (learning all the models).
Well thanks for the reply.
from Casey.