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Casey just watch out with APS-C. Although I'm sure you could find a camera on e-bay, you will struggle to find film for it, and there are not many labs that will process it. As far as I know, traditional B&W film was never available in APS-C, so even home processing would be difficult (although certainly possible using C-41 chemicals). If you do find a lab that can process it, it will probably be quite expensive as it's not a standard format any more. On top of which, the image quality is not great because the image size on the film is onlay about half the image size on 35mm film.

So if at all possible, an autoloading 35mm camera would be better. You typically just open the back, insert the film cannister, pull out the leader over the sprocket and then close the back again.
Thanks, you've saved money and time
I will pass this info onto him, that sounds simple enough i'm sure this will be fine...thanks again...from Casey.