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Didn't they (old timers) used to put dye in the developers to act as a built in darkroom? Like Polaroid film.
So they did. The films were still sensitive, and especially before they'd been dunked in the dye, though...

The dyes are still available: They're called Pinakryptol and comes in green, yellow or white varieties. I have some yellow in my darkroom, but haven't tried it yet.

Prolonged development isn't a problem even in my leaky darkroom. When I was developing the eclipse negatives - semi-stand development in Maxim Muir's compensating developer - the doorbell rang in the middle of it. It put the lid of an empty paper box over the developer tray, and went to answer it. I was very quick about opening and closing the door to the darkroom, but the sun was shining directly into the hallway outside (I don't have double doors).

I came back after ten minutes fearing the worst.

Another six minutes for my eyes to adapt again, and I could see the negs had suffered no damage. This could be an unexpected side benefit of staining developers...