They do make a vaccum back, but it's only for 220, and the only color film that's easily accessible in 220 is Portra. If 400H was still made in 220, i might have gotten some inserts for it, but I doubt it still because Ektar is so beautiful...and only availible in 120.*
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I tried to like the Contax 645 (45/80/140) hard, really hard, but I didn't manage. Thought it would give me Contax G like quality in medium format. Somehow it didn't. Maybe it was the rendering in b&w, or the form factor, the abundance of electronics, the fear of breaking it and not being able to get it repaired with Contax RIP; I don't know. The whole thing made me nervous. So for no better reason than that I sold it. Freedom regained.

It was a good experience though. I learned to reappreciate my Contax G1 and my Rolleiflex. I learned that 6x4.5 isn't for me. I learned that what is good and what is not good isn't something to ask another person; one has to try for oneself in order to know. Maybe I simply learned that there are no good systems and no bad systems (except for the really good ones, and the really bad ones ).

About the 80: it's probably at its best in colour, and not at its best in contre-jour sort of situations. Focusing at f/2 can be tricky, and that's an understatement. I would have been happier with a less flare prone 80/2.8, but then there are other systems that can do that same trick. The 80/2 does have 'character'. It's one of those lenses that you can pick out on flickr without reading a single letter.

I can see how people love the Contax 645 system. To the OP: I love the top four samples. Seems like the camera is in good hands!
It's funny how you say "abundance of electronics" when a G2/G1 has digital displays. the only display on the Contax 645 is the viewfinder. Everything else is real knobs and dials. Now the Mamiya 645...That's more like a DSLR. I would love to be OK with shooting everything on 35mm, but after using 645 for a year on the Mamiya, 35mm just looks muddy in comparsion. Medium format is much more graceful in the detail and shadow areas because the grain isn't enormous at equiv. print sizes or scans.

Here are some more that I picked up yesterday!