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So here is a un-touched, unsharpened scan of the neg full frame and 100%...I can't see printing this to 11x14 based on the softness, I probably just need to get a real 4x5 camera, LOL! I just got two print orders that might pay for one...

But I do love the Pinhole, my wife and I are headed out the door in a moment to shoot Mother's Day cards on Direct Positive, should be fun!

On another note, I have found that if I use my Nikon 17-35 at 17mm with my Dee-Ate-Hundred in 4x5 crop mode, it is a near perfect approximation of what the Titan sees.

So if you got one of these you could mount your Titan on your Dee-Ate-Hundred and presto you'd have a view finder. . http://www.amazon.com/HDE-Tripod-Scr.../dp/B005005EEM

Btw, your image looks plenty sharp for 11x14 for my tastes, but then I'v seen 4x5 images printed 16x20 that I liked. Just different tastes. Maybe you need a 8x10 and then contact print the negatives.