Thanks for the offer of some parts. So much appreciated. I am currently putting the 90mm back together. Now that I have figured out how to split the shutter, it is a piece of cake. It helps that I have so much experience for the past 2 years with the smaller shutters, like Pronto and Compur-Rapid. These big ones are nice, cause you can actually see what you are working on, without using a magnifier 100% of the time.

I'm still going to try to somehow fix that other blade to see what could possibly work.

But Here are some of the pics..

photo(6).jpgphoto(5).JPGThis photo is enhanced HDR. The shutter plate did not have chipped or an worn surface.

Here is 40 years of grime and dirt on the shutter plate. I even found parts of a grass weed inside the shutter. Unreal.


so now someone will get a nice reworked, and repaired shutter.