I am starting my summer project. I have a J.H Dallmeyer Radip Rectilinear lens, Patent(US) date June 30, 1868, marked 21x25. I have tested, and my research agreed, that its focal lenght is 33 inches. I am plannning a falling plate 20x24 box (OK, crate) camera. I will start with paper negs, and I forsee with practice moving to film on down the road, as design changes and money afford.

I have the shim stock in hand that I will be fashioning my waterhouse stops out of. I will be using standard drill bits sizes for my holes from 2 inch down to 1/64, which will give me working appertures from f16.5 to f1052.

The question of the day is how do I paint brass black? I am looking for a process, or paint that will adhere to the brass shim stock after they are cut to size. I have a feeling that the smooth shiny surface would resist a normal paint. Any ideas?


Patrick Pitzer
Boone, NC