When I pre-wash it comes out out HOT pink. Unfortunately my last test roll was in a dirty tank or something (I got to check or wash more carefully when sharing a lab with inexperienced people). I can say that 6:00 at EI25 is pretty darn good. No blow outs that are out of control, shadow detail not bad (improved greatly in some areas). I'd say in the 5.75-6.00 minutes is PERFECT at EI25. A few pictures are gold as far as value range (like maybe better than my belovid Adox/Efke and not as contrasty in the middle grays, so it might print even better). Well I'm being hopefull because Adox/Efke does not grow on trees.

I need to translate my times to a more dilluted state so I can get it right in there. It appears so long as my camera meter is accurate then the pictures at proper development are going to be very good. I even got some clouds by not developing too much; wtihout a yellow filter. I still like the yellow filter affect though.

Hard to say for sure but maybe even at EI50 or EI100, the right development time might be just as good as EI25. It seems to take charge even more than exposure from what I can tell. Considering that development time can black out shadows, blow out whites, or make the picture barely there.

Unfortunately to say orange filters appear to massacure the film. You'd have to choose to do an entire roll with orange filter at a different development time. It appears the film reads it like you've lowered your EI to 12.5, instead of 25, when shooting at 25.

Part of me wants to think, ugh what a pain, but the other part clearly knows that this is EXTREMELY VASTLY CHEAPER THAN SHOOTING SLIDE FILM and only just as finiky.