I am fairly new to this forum and am very pleased to be part of it! I am a keen analogue photographer and although currently studying a degree in photography which is all based around digital work, I have managed to use film for every project so far and not failed!
I have been a photographer for 12 years. I use large, medium, 35mm formats plus polaroid and have just got myself a Kodak from 1916, which I will be testing this week to see if its working properly. I have full access to a large darkroom and love having this available to me.

One thing I have never done is print onto anything apart from darkroom paper I have bought from Ilford/Kentmere etc, and I have just started my Final Major Project (the big end of year project you do in education in pretty much any genre/form of photography you want). I will be experimenting printing onto wood, stones (pebbles from the beach), gold (or something that resembles gold, my boyfriend is a prop maker), tiles and possibly money (notes).

I feel confident with the chemicals I have bought from reading other threads and forums online, but have not yet started the experimenting and alot of the things on the internet contradict each other which confusses me.

So I'm posting this to see if any one has any big or small practical notes or guidance they would like to add to help me on my way, any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Alice